2020 General Pandemic Response Planning & Policy

This document directs planning, preparation and exercises for pandemic disease outbreak over and above the normal business continuity and disaster recovery planning process. The objective is to address the reality that pandemic events can create personnel and technology issues outside the scope of the traditional Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning process as potentially some if not the entire workforce may be unable to come to work for health or personal reasons.

2020 COVID-19 Pandemic FAQ

Review a list of questions and answers based upon the most frequently asked inquiries we have received along with our response in regard to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

Safety System

  • Bright Light Volunteers are housed in safe, clean, secure accommodations.
  • While traveling, students should either be with BLV coordinators, in groups, or assigned to a buddy, never alone. Our student-staff ratio is 5:1.
  • Students are provided access to unlimited, safe, drinking water.
  • We have highly-trained, coordinators that travel with the group every step of the way.
  • All BLV program coordinators are CPR and First Aid Certified.
  • Our in-country coordinators have expansive knowledge of the host community. They have established relationships in the area with medical professionals and facilities.
  • Each participant is covered by supplemental, international, medical insurance and emergency evacuation insurance.
  • Students are transported in safe, well-maintained vehicles by experienced, licensed drivers.