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Partnerships that Bring Lasting Impact with Stacie Freeman

Partnerships are best developed when two (or more) people or entities realize they can make a bigger impact by working together. This partnership, between Bethel University and Bright Light Volunteers is one of those. Stacie Freeman, shares her perspective on what’s gone well, as well as a couple of learning experiences.

Key points include:

  • Relationships Can Lead to Partnership Opportunities;
  • Volunteers Pay Their Own Way – and Contribute to Project Costs;
  • Avoiding Band-Aids and Striving for Lasting Impact;
  • More Than a Feel-Good Trip, It’s About Building Understanding of Complex Issues;
  • The Importance of Learning to Let Go to Let it Grow;
  • Recognizing Complementary Strengths in Your Partners;
  • Universities Can Be a Source for Volunteers and Other Help;
  • Define Your Dreams – and Follow Them.

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