What defines our personality?


We have a vision of a brighter world. This requires the drive and commitment to pursue our vision, and play our part in achieving it.

We inspire others to embark upon each adventure with us, and learn about their own aspirations.


We own an honest, heartfelt belief in uniting and enabling a global society.

Being a Not For Profit means we strive for fulfillment through giving — not necessarily 'giving back' as we often hear. But giving our time, efforts, energy and compassion.


We are open to embracing the unfamiliar, whether people, cultures or values.

We take the time to listen to people, to understand their needs and find ways to create the right experience.

We are inclusive, building a global family connected by experiences, regardless of borders.


We truly care about brightening the world, and this fuels what we do.

We have a real passion for helping and supporting others — the people we take abroad with us, and the communities we work with.

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