What makes us different?

Not For Profit International Travel Experiences

There are more important drivers at the center of our organization — and what we do — than profit.

Being a Not For Profit organization enables us and those we work with to truly 'give' — their time, services and support — to those in need. At the same time, they are able to have a life-shaping experience that doesn't have to be a 'cost' to them.

Expertly Tailored Experiences For Everyone

With the experience we have as an organization, we are able to apply our expertise to each excursion we design according to the wishes, wants and needs of the teachers and students we work with. This way, each experience is unique and fulfilling to all.

Effecting Sustainable, Positive Change

It is important that we not only make a positive difference, but ensure it is for the long term.

We want communities to become strong and independent of our support, so that we can move on and work with other people and communities in need of our help.

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