Why Global Service Learning & Citizenship?

Our award winning Global Service Learning (GSL) & Citizenship Programs are designed to help students experience the connection between “the local” and “the global” and capitalizes on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help students develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required to produce responsible solutions to global problems/challenges.  

Attitudes the program is designed to encourage: curiosity, responsibility, empowerment

Skills: observation, communication, collaboration Knowledge:  humanity, planet, wildlife




Bright Light Volunteers creates opportunities for educators and students to experience the world as travelers, not tourists. All of our programs are designed to provide transformative, culturally immersive, experiences abroad. Our alumni return home with stories of pickup baseball games in Cuba, learning Mayan cooking techniques in Guatemala, and hugging llamas in Peru! Our programs in Latin America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa include exemplary itineraries, experiential learning opportunities, community-led service projects, and highly qualified program directors to accompany you on your GSLC experience.


Bright Light Volunteers creates opportunities to serve by working side by side with our local partners on community-led, service projects. Community service allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the host community and culture. Bright Light Volunteers can expect to serve between 42-110 hours, depending on the length and location of the program.


Bright Light Volunteers create opportunities to learn through experiential cultural immersion. Upon arrival in the host community, students explore historic and natural landmarks, tour museums, enjoy local cuisine, enroll in dance lessons, visit markets, and participate in cooking lessons with the local people. These are just a few examples of the immersive learning experiences enjoyed by Bright Light Volunteers program participants.


Bright Light Volunteers creates opportunities to lead by providing life-altering experiences that cultivate a global perspective and open-mindedness in students that will ultimately inspire them to become global leaders and critical thinkers who create solutions to global social problems. Here, at Bright Light Volunteers, we believe that the most effective global leaders begin as global citizens.

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