Mundo Maya - The Guatemalan Journey

Come and discover Guatemala! Known for its Mayan influence, this country is rich in culture and history. Service opportunities include working on reforestation efforts, work in schools, and community building.

Program Overview

Experience of a Lifetime

Guatemala has endured a tumultuous past, but since the late 1990s this nation- the largest and most populous in Central America- has grown its economy and has begun to flourish under successful democratic elections that have led to both positive economic and social reforms. Tourism- especially eco-tourism- in the area is on the rise and many new jobs are being created. Opportunities abound for those that have English language skills and a sufficient educational background.

With that said, there is plenty of work to do to make Guatemala’s future brighter. While Guatemala has broken from it’s dictatorial past and is experiencing economic growth, there are many segments of the population that still struggle with high rates of poverty and a limited access to educational support.

Bright Light Volunteers works in the very calm and laid back town of San Pedro in Northern Guatemala, where groups can come and create an experience of a lifetime while working on educational and conservation projects that will improve the lives.

Additional Service Initiatives

Additional service initiatives include working to improve facilities in local schools and community buildings, volunteering with reforestation efforts, working with a land management group to reintroduce valuable Ramon seeds and trees, and also work teaching English and work skills that will help community members break into the burgeoning eco-tourism industry.

Spanish immersion lessons are available and hands on cultural activities include learning about millennia old ethnobotanical medicine while hiking through the jungle, exploring the area around Lago de Peten Itza, touring the famous Tikal National Park and Temple, Mayan art, cooking, and language lessons, and much more!

Housing & Food

Volunteers are housed in a locally owned hotel on the shore of the gorgeous Lago de Peten Itza. Small and cozy, this is the ideal location to come relax and reflect after a day of service initiatives and cultural touring.

Traditional Guatemalan meals will be prepared for your group daily — think of a diet of fresh, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and typical local cuisine of this Northern area.

How to get involved

For those who want a service adventure of a lifetime while working with locals in the heart of the Mayan empire, Bright Light Volunteers' "Mundo Maya" – The Guatemalan Journey is the volunteer program for you.

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Note: At Bright Light Volunteers we customize each service program for each group. This sample itinerary is only here to help you understand the possibilities available.

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Why participate in our volunteer programs?

  • I want to go to Peru because it would be a great opportunity. It is a chance for me to practice Spanish, visit a foreign country, and offer aid.

    – Jessica, Student
  • This is a life changing experience that I will always remember and I will get to help other people, which is super rewarding!

    – Alaina, Student
  • I want to see the world, travel, and have a service learning experience!

    – Lauren, Student
  • I have never been outside the U.S. - never even on a plane! I want to start traveling and do community service outside of the U.S.

    – Nicole, Student
  • I want to impact the lives of those in Greece while they impact mine. I think the BLV program promotes global citizenship and provides an incredible learning experience.

    – Cassidy, Student

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