On The Rhode To Better – Rhodes, Greece

Venture with us to Rhodes, one of the beautiful Greek islands in Europe. You will be immersed in a rich culture of glorious past times and challenging social conditions.

History of Rhodes

Historically, Rhodes was famous worldwide for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site. So famous is this ancient town that Homer mentions that Rhodes participated in the Trojan War under the leadership of Tlepolemus.

Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Rhodes' nickname is The island of the Knights, named after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who once conquered the land. It is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands of Greece and has a population of around 50,000 inhabitants and much of the economy is based on agricultural goods production, stockbreeding, fishery and winery, although the tourism industry has helped elevate Rhodes, economically speaking, compared to the rest of Greece.

Rhodes has a distinctly diverse population with a mixture of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities. It’s a community in the middle of change, trying to find it’s way out of Greece’s financial collapse and provide it’s community members with the means to provide for themselves and create a sustainable future in our global society.

Various Service Initiatives

This service program offers students the opportunity to participate in several different service initiatives including reforestation projects, community environmental clean-up projects in partnership with local Greek students, work with the Rhodes Animal Welfare Society, and even archeological projects led by experts that will incorporate service while learning hands-on about the ancient history of the island.

Volunteers will work side by side with the local students and community members to implement sustainable improvements in the community. The experience will provide students the opportunity to learn, hands-on, about the challenges that this community faces and allow them to practice implementing solutions to these challenges first hand.

Hands-on cultural activities include a trip to the Valley of the Butterflies, a relaxed day visit to Lindos, classes in Greek cuisine, a night out in the medieval town (a fun and beautiful experience), and much more. The options for cultural and social enrichment in this location are vast and enriching.

Housing & Food

This program location offers a variety of housing options depending on your group’s needs. There are small apartments available in the historic downtown which includes small kitchens, there are also options for more traditional hotel accommodations. We will work with your group leader to choose the housing that is right for your group and works with your budget.

Breakfast will always be taken at the accommodations. For some service activities prepared packed lunches will be provided. There are a variety of dinner options available in town. All of this is provided for you and your group.

How to get involved

This service adventure is best suited for groups that want an opportunity to effect real social and environmental change in a warm and inviting community that is rich with ancient history and tradition. It’s a community that, while modern, is still working to improve infrastructure and environmental awareness. Working together, cross-culturall, we can make a big impact in this beautiful land with such warm people!

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Why participate in our volunteer programs?

  • I want to explore the culture and language in Peru.

    – Jacob, Student
  • I want to show my students the power of sustainable service and emphasize the importance of global education.

    – Amy, IB Coordinator
  • Volunteering in a foreign community will be rewarding and more educational than volunteering in a familiar environment. I am eager to see Greece and see places I have only read about.

    – Chloe, Student
  • I want to travel the world with a good cause at hand, get to help people, and learn about the landscape while I am there. Amazing!

    – Brandi, Student
  • I want to learn about other cultures and help others in some way.

    – Rebecca, Student

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