Volta Vibrancy — Ghana

Discover why the Ewe people of Ghana's Volta Region are world renowned for their generosity and warmth. Smiles are easy to come by and the locals love showing visitors how to partake in their unique "finger snapping" handshake greeting. Your student volunteers will be immersed in a culture that is vibrant, friendly, and proud of its history of cultural arts such as drumming, dancing, and Kente cloth weaving.

Ghanaian History

Ghana became the first Sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence in 1957. Though its government initially fell prone to mismanagement and corruption, it has emerged from that experience and is one of the most rapidly modernizing countries in West Africa.

Ghana is home to a diverse population of distinct ethnic groups, with 9 officially recognized tribal languages, although English remains its official language. Though phonically stable and safe, communities in Ghana are still plagued by issues such as poverty, malnutrition, and lack of education necessary to help many of its people create a more viable, self-sustainable future.

Various Service Initiatives

This service program offers students the opportunity to participate in several different service initiatives including teaching, participating in book distributions in rural communities, and helping construct vital community infrastructure such as latrines, wells, and school buildings. Volunteers will work side by side with the local villagers to implement these necessary improvements in the community. The experience will provide students with a new perspective on the obstacles that are preventing growth in these rural communities and allow them to practice implementing solutions to these challenges first hand.

Hands-on cultural activities include taking part in authentic tribal ceremonies, learning traditional cooking techniques, visiting the renowned Kente weavers of Kpetoe, a visit to the Wili Waterfalls — the tallest in West Africa — and visiting the Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary. For those who wish to incorporate a historical tour into the program, a visit to the Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Castles can be arranged — both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Housing & Food

We feel that the simple, yet comfortable accommodations in the village where you will be volunteering offer the best immersive cultural experience, but Western-style hotel accommodations can be arranged in the city of Ho if needed.

Delicious and nutritional Ghanaian meals are prepared daily, offering volunteers the opportunity to taste such traditional delicacies as fufu, jollaf rice, and a variety of tasty stews made from chicken and fish.

How to get involved

This service adventure is best suited for groups that want an opportunity to effect real social change in a warm and inviting community rich with history and tradition. Since English is the official language of Ghana, this is also a good service program option for those who want to participate in a program without a language barrier.

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