Fundraising & Sponsorships

Are you interested in sponsoring an individual participant or specific group? Use the form on the right to make a contribution. Make sure you include the participant name or school name.

Donate to the Bright Light Volunteers Scholarship Fund

Become a supporter for international service for our youth and donate to our Bright Light Volunteers Scholarship Fund! Studies have shown that youth that are given the opportunity to serve internationally not only have more opportunities for scholarships to further their education, but also opens up doors for them in the work place. Help make the world a brighter place — donate today!

For Educators

Are you an educator? At Bright Light Volunteers we understand the importance and impact your role as an educator has in our global community — YOU are a bright light in this world, opening up doors to opportunities that facilitate the transfer of knowledge to your students. Your work makes our future brighter.

We invite you to become a Bright Light Ambassador. We will make sure that you and a co-leader of your choice are able to lead a group on an educational, service-oriented program of a lifetime with no participation fees. Simply send us an email and tell us why you should be a Bright Light Ambassador and how the experience will benefit your students.

For Student Participants

There are all sorts of ways groups have successfully fundraised to cover the cost of participation. Whether your students raise funds individually or as a group, the ways in which to raise money are numerous. Below are some ideas that have been useful to other volunteers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need fundraising support. We will do everything we can to help make your fundraising successful!

  • Start an email / letter writing campaign. Ask your potential donors to support your cause. Every dollar counts. If your sponsor's employer has a matching contribution program through their work, that is also something to explore.
  • Host a school dance with the theme of the country where you will be volunteering.
  • Host a car wash and collect funds for your group.
  • Host a community bingo night.
  • Host a sports tournament (think golf, extreme frisbee, even laser tag). Let the games begin!
  • Host a community poker night and let the proceeds collected to participate go to a good cause.
  • Look into ink cartridge and cell phone collection programs that allow you to collect these items before they are put in a landfill. You help save the environment while collecting funds. See or for more details.
  • Look into local civic organizations (think Rotary Clubs) that might help fund your service program. Offer to host a presentation once you return that will highlight the work you did and show how their generous support made that progress possible.

Fundraising Ideas

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