• For Student Groups

    You are the future. You can become the global leaders that our society needs. We want to help enable you to have an experience that will change your life and the lives of others.

  • Committed Partner

  • A true partner to communities that need our support

    Our commitment has no boundaries. We are serious about our mission: making the world a brighter place. And we do this by helping develop communities that benefit from our time, energy and support.

    By committed, we don't just mean a single community. Unlike other organizations, we look to build a community up to be independent of outside help, so we can move on and make meaningful differences elsewhere.

  • Safety & Security

  • You are our number one priority

    Your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance.

    We ensure the students who volunteer with us feel safe, secure and cared for. We ensure we keep your parents in the loop, so they never have to worry unnecessarily.

    We try to think of everything — every last detail — but of course, there are some things that are out of our control. We want to ensure you are safe, but we also depend on students to always be responsible.

  • Life-shaping experiences

  • A unique opportunity to 'give'

    We are not over-earnest, we are serious about how compassionate and committed we are to sharing rich, remarkable experiences with people who need our support.

    We mean 'giving' in the broadest sense — generosity, passion and genuine care.

  • This is your own adventure

    You can make each experience what you want it to be.

    We offer students an adventure into the (almost) unknown. We say almost because, of course, we plan as much as we can to ensure the safest experience.

    Even though the itinerary is set, you have the opportunity to make each adventure your adventure … be bold!

  • Grow in ways you don't yet know

    Every experience teaches us something in life — volunteering abroad is no different.

    Volunteering abroad will test you in demanding, yet positive ways — challenging you to develop yourself.

    Yes, it looks good on your CV, but you will benefit from what you experience in so many other ways.

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