• For Parents

    At Bright Light Volunteers we want to know that that your children/students are in the best care possible while on their service program. Below you will find information that will help you understand the steps we take to ensure their safety and security, as well as why these programs will be of such benefit to them.

  • Committed Partner

  • A true partner to our student groups and educators/group leaders

    Our commitment has no boundaries. We are serious about our mission: making the world a brighter place. And we do this by helping develop communities that benefit from our time, energy and support.

    We ensure we keep you in the loop, so you never have to worry unnecessarily. We do this in several ways. We share photos and updates daily with each guardian or parent via our social media sites daily and we have a 24-7 emergency number to call in case of any emergency or if you should need to contact your child/student.

  • Safety & Security

  • Your child is our number one priority

    Your children's safety and well-being during our program is of the utmost importance. We ensure the students who volunteer with us feel safe, secure and cared for. We want what you want- a safe and secure program that will allow them to grow as individuals and develop into global leaders.

    We think of everything –

    1. We ensure that our on-site trip leaders are well trained, responsible, and of high integrity.
    2. We only choose projects and locations that are safe and secure.
    3. All participants are covered with extensive medical insurance. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that a medical emergency or other problem should arise we are already prepared for it. We always know where the closest clinics or best hospitals are located in each program location.

  • Life-shaping experiences

  • A unique opportunity to 'give'

    Every experience teaches us something in life – volunteering abroad is no different.

    Volunteering abroad will allow your child/student to grow in positive ways – it allows them to see the world while making a sustainable difference. It gives them the tools they need to become the global leaders our future so needs.

  • Educational Advantages

    Studies show that involving students in international service programs provides them with a number of benefits, especially related to valuable service learning initiatives, which include:

    • Curricular connections- Integrating learning into a service project is key to successful service learning.
    • Student voice - Beyond being actively engaged in the project itself, students have the opportunity to select, design, implement, and evaluate their service activity, encouraging relevancy and sustained interest.
    • Students discussion - Students discuss their learning experience during in-class discussions and have real world, relevant experience to add to the discussion.
    • Community partnerships - Partnerships with community agencies are used to identify genuine needs, provide mentors, and to work towards completing a project. In a successful partnership, both sides will give to and benefit from the project.

  • Bonus benefits for your children

    As if all of that wasn't enough, your child will also:

    • See and experience the world through travel!
    • Learn valuable and marketable skills that can add to their resume and applications to higher learning institutions.
    • Learn the skills to become the global leaders our future needs!
    • Meet their yearly service hour requirements in one shot!
    • Help a community in need! And learn, hands on, about another culture!
    • Develop international citizenship skills!
    • Promote increased cross-cultural understanding and peace!
    • Enable your student/child to make the world a brighter place!

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