Galapagos: The Ecological Expedition

This particular service program is offered in two components- one strictly working on ecological initiatives on the islands and another an add-on service opportunity in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, working with disadvantaged youth. Groups may choose to participate in the Galapagos program, Quito program, or a combination of both.

Program Overview

Although an exotically beautiful country, the population of Ecuador and the Galapagos are plagued with poverty, lack of educational opportunities, and a battle to keep the unique species and fauna of the Galapagos alive and thriving. When you embark upon this program you will have the opportunity to work on initiatives to empower change within the community and also to protect the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos.

Our program offers the opportunity to merge learning, fun, culture and sightseeing with exciting visits through the different islands of the Galapagos, while also making a sustainable difference in the community.

Additional Service Initiatives

Additional service initiatives in the Galapagos include working to implement ecological initiatives such as removal of foreign plant species, organic farming, production of native and endemic species, reforestation efforts, and production of compost and organic fertilizers.

In Quito, participants have the opportunity to work in a daycare center located in one of Quito’s most impoverished area, Zambiza Dump. Service initiatives include giving educational support, arts and crafts, serving meals, and taking care of the young children lucky enough to have a space in this educational care facility.

Spanish immersion lessons are available and hands on cultural activities include visiting the Charles Darwin Station, venturing into Los Gemelos ranch to visit the giant Galapagos turtles, cooking, and language lessons, snorkeling off the coast of Santa Cruz, and hiking up to see the “Sierra Negra” volcano and much more!

Housing & Food

Volunteers are housed in a locally owned hotel in Puerto Ayora. If the Quito volunteer add on is chosen volunteers will stay in a locally owned hotel in the heart of the Mariscal neighborhood.

Traditional Ecuadorian meals will be prepared for your group daily — think of a diet of fresh, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables taken in the typical "Ecuadorian Trio". This trio generally consists of a soup, a rice platter with a protein, and desert with coffee.

How to get involved

For those who want a service adventure of a lifetime while working in one of the most distinct and diverse ecological gems of the world, Galapagos- The Ecological Expedition is the volunteer program for you.

Click below to contact one of our representatives on creating a customized volunteer package for your group, including the optional volunteer opportunities in Quito.

Click below to contact one of our representatives on creating a customized volunteer package for your group.

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Why participate in our volunteer programs?

  • Volunteering in a foreign community will be rewarding and more educational than volunteering in a familiar environment. I am eager to see Greece and see places I have only read about.

    – Chloe, Student
  • I want to explore the culture and language in Peru.

    – Jacob, Student
  • I want to travel the world and make a difference.

    – Mary, Student
  • I want to travel abroad, experience new things, and help people.

    – Kevin, Student
  • I want to go to Peru because it would be a great opportunity. It is a chance for me to practice Spanish, visit a foreign country, and offer aid.

    – Jessica, Student

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