Cuba Unlocked – Viñales, Cuba

Come and become a part of history in the making as relations between our two nations change and grow. Help contribute to the building of a lasting friendship between our two communities. Opportunities abound to help influence relations, people to people and project by project. Share in the change, first hand, and help influence the future of U.S. – Cuban relations!

Program Overview

Experience of a Lifetime!

Cuba is a fascinating, vibrant country with a history fraught with conflict, colonialism, and revolution. For over the past fifty years relations between Cuba and the United States has been very tense, yet recent developments between our two countries has allowed for more freedom of travel and cultural sharing between the two nations. Now is the time to take advantage of the changes taking place and become an agent for positive change.

Bright Light Volunteers works in the very calm and laid back town of Viñales, where groups can come and create an experience of a lifetime while working on educational and conservation projects that will improve the lives of the community while increasing their knowledge of Cuba first hand. All projects and activities follow OFAC regulations and participant volunteers follow a detailed itinerary that adheres to the U.S. regulations regarding travel within Cuba.

Additional Service Initiatives

Additional service initiatives include working to improve facilities in local schools and community buildings, volunteering with agricultural efforts, English language instruction, and much more!

Spanish immersion lessons are available and hands on cultural activities include salsa lessons, cooking lessons, traditional Uruba demonstrations, and horseback riding through the beautiful Viñales scenery, traveling up into the mountains to take a refreshing dip in a waterfall fed pool. The possibilities for cultural learning are endless!

Side programs in Havana and other cities are possible, making your time in Cuba as well rounded and as insightful as possible.

Housing & Food

Volunteers are housed in either non-governmentally owned hostels or home stays, called "casa particulares" where volunteers have the unique opportunity to spend time in a home stay environment and learn from their host families.

Traditional Cuban meals will be prepared for your group daily — think of a diet of fresh, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, dishes such as the traditional "rope vieja", black beans and rice, and fried vianda, including yucca.

How to get involved

For those who want a service adventure of a lifetime while working with locals "Cuba Unlocked: Gaining Access to a World Unknown" is the volunteer program for you. For this particular program we strongly advise that participants be university age or above.

Click below to contact one of our representatives on creating a customized volunteer package for your group.

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Note: At Bright Light Volunteers we customize each service program for each group. This sample itinerary is only here to help you understand the possibilities available.

Remember – you get to choose your own specific service adventure!

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Why participate in our volunteer programs?

  • This is a life changing experience that I will always remember and I will get to help other people, which is super rewarding!

    – Alaina, Student
  • Helping people makes me feel good.

    – Ethan, Student
  • I want to travel the world and make a difference.

    – Mary, Student
  • I want to go to Peru because it would be a great opportunity. It is a chance for me to practice Spanish, visit a foreign country, and offer aid.

    – Jessica, Student
  • I want to travel abroad, experience new things, and help people.

    – Kevin, Student

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