Pura Vida – Costa Rica

Explore one of the most bio-diverse areas in Latin America, and discover why the national phrase, "Pura Vida", or "Pure Life", is the perfect choice of words to describe life in Costa Rica.

Program Overview

Experience of a Lifetime

Costa Rica is a vibrant country, renowned for its warm people and very progressive, ecologically-conscience government, but the country still faces a myriad of problems related to an influx in regional migration.

Imagine your group taking part in an experience of a lifetime, traveling to a costal fishing village on the Nicoya Peninsula, volunteering on a permaculture farm with the people of Costa Rica. Here, you will learn centuries-old practices, such as composting, plant propagation, sustainable building, medicine making, and more!

By employing the patterns observed in natural ecosystems, permaculture farming utilizes thoughtful observation and strategic labor in order to optimize production. This project enables the people of Costa Rica to keep their cultural heritage, knowledge of permaculture and ethnobotanical medicine, and natural environment in tact while also improving the lives of community members.

Additional Service Initiatives

Additional service initiatives include working to improve facilities in local schools, working with families in a group setting, volunteering in wildlife conservation, taking part in rainforest patrols, and replanting indigenous trees. All of the project work is heavily focused on carbon neutral energy solutions with the aim of helping Costa Rica reach its national goal of becoming the first carbon neutral country on the planet.

Spanish immersion lessons are available and hands on cultural activities include learning about millennia-old ethnobotanical medicine from the local people. Your group will also take part in some adventurous activities, such as jumping from the Montezuma waterfalls, zip lines, and surf lessons at one of the best surfing beaches in the world.

Housing & Food

In Santa Teresa, volunteers are housed in a variety of safe, clean cabanas with running water and wi-fi.

Traditional Costa Rican meals will be prepared for your group daily – think of a diet of fresh, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, the typical gallo pinto, and banana leaf tamales cooked outside with a wood burning fire, giving it a unique, smoky flavor.

How to get involved

For those who want to experience true sustainability in action, Bright Light Volunteers' Pura Vida – Costa Rican Experience is the volunteer program for you.

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Why participate in our volunteer programs?

  • I believe in the power of service learning. I know our work makes the world a brighter place!

    – Amy, Educator
  • This is a life changing experience that I will always remember and I will get to help other people, which is super rewarding!

    – Alaina, Student
  • Helping people makes me feel good.

    – Ethan, Student
  • I want to travel abroad, experience new things, and help people.

    – Kevin, Student
  • I want to show my students the power of sustainable service and emphasize the importance of global education.

    – Amy, IB Coordinator

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