Amanda Mansfield, Super-Star at Bright Light Volunteers, Celebrated

A fierce and devoted advocate for promoting cross cultural peace and understanding, Amanda Mansfield has served as a BLV participant & allumn, admin volunteer, admin assistant, Director of Operations, Program Coordinator, and overall “Nonprofit Management Badass.” 

Amanda is stepping down from her main duties at Bright Light Volunteers in order to fulfil her goal of becoming a full time Graduate Assistant at the University of Tennessee at Martin. 

She will be very missed during our day-to-day operations, but we are also excited to announce that Amanda has committed to continuing on as a key member of BLVs’ internal Fundraising & Grant Committee. 

Amanda, we celebrate you and honor your contributions to Bright Light Volunteers. Here’s to a beautiful and bright future!

“Cheers” from your team!

  • “Amanda was impressively efficient and effective! She always has such a great helpful attitude and is way organized which is awesome! Really bummed we are loosing her, but equally as excited for her new adventure…who knows. Maybe we can lure her back someday!” – Alex Van Dewark, Team BLV
  • “Amanda is an absolute gem. Her organization and communication is admirable and impressive. I love how much she genuinely believes in the goals of BLV and how she has supported the team. Losing Amanda breaks my heart, but I wish her the very best. She will always be a part of the BLV family.” – Amy Besnard, Team BLV
  • “Amanda’s contributions to BLV were as big as her heart. She tackled projects enthusiastically and never once complained. Her ‘get it done’ attitude and her smile will be missed!” – Alma, Team BLV
  • “I think that Amanda has been our ‘secret weapon’ as an organization. So much on goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ at Bright Light Volunteers to make sure that our programs are safe, effective, and sustainable. Our success, to date, is in no small part a result of Amanda’s hard work and advocacy.” – Catherine Greenberg, Team BLV
  • “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss, Honorary Team BLV member.

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